A Healthy Sleep – Why we are better

10 Benefits of sleeping in our beds:

1. The Balancar bed system relieves and prevents lower back pain caused by incorrect sleep, which is one of the most common causes of lower back pain. A Must read for people suffering from lower back pain here

2. There are no chemicals, nor synthetics in any of our wood components, latex mattresses or sheep wool toppers. Find a list of all the components here

3. Double, Queen and King Beds come with two separate Tri-Slat systems which means that a person who is tossing and turning or getting out of bed will not interrupt the other person’s sleep.

4. The sheep wool topper is self-cleaning, anti-allergenic and eliminates need for flame retardants! More about that here

5. Our mattresses have two different sides to it with one side being soft and the other side being firm. One needs to simply flip the mattress to change from soft to firm and vice versa.

Read more about organic latex

6. The 100% natural cotton mattress cover is washable.

7. No metal coils or any other metal components and therefore no EMF amplification through your bed.

Read more on the importance of no metal in your bed

8. Combination of organic latex and sheep wool provides a warm and dry bed in the winter and a cool and dry bed in the summer.

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9. All wood components are untreated solid North American wood.

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10. Our bed system is easy to move and to setup (no tools required).

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