1. Do you sell/deliver to the US?

Yes we do.

2. Why are there no prices on the website?

Prices vary by country and state/province due to the difference in shipping costs. Please navigate to the contact us page to inquire for prices in your area!

3. Can I only buy the mattress without the frame and slat system?

Technically, yes you can but what makes the bed so comfortable and healthy for your back is the Tri-Slat System in combination with the mattress and the latex supports. Therefore buying just the mattress does not give you any benefits.

4. I currently have a nice rustic bed frame around my bed. Can I use it in combination with this bed?

Yes you can. Our bed is designed to fit inside of most bed frames that are on the market today. We can also custom design our frame in order to fit your bed frame.

5. What is the weight restriction for these beds?

The most weight we had laying on a twin bed until now was just over 450lbs. We are confident that it can hold even more.

6. How long does the bed last?

All wooden components are solid wood and therefore will last for generations. The mattress is 100% natural latex and will last around 15-18 years. The sheep wool cover will lose its self-cleaning properties after about 6-8 years.

7. Can you customize the size and shape of the bed to fit into my cottage/boat?

Yes we can.