Natural Products Made In Canada

CBH Wood Products Ltd. – New Brunswick, Canada

Natural Products Made in Canada

Swiss Dream Beds is proud to be able to partner with CBH Wood Products Ltd. to distribute their revolutionary products, all of which are made in Canada.
Natural Products Made in CanadaCBH Wood Products is a wood manufacturing company located just outside of Fredericton, New Brunswick in Hanwell. The company was founded in 2001 by Swiss native Balthasar Huesler and is one of the few wood manufacturing businesses in New Brunswick, Canada. During its first 9 years of operation, CBH Wood Products was manufacturing almost entirely for export. High quality wood was produced and shipped to Switzerland where it would be assembled into a bed system called the Huesler Nest. Natural Products Made in CanadaThe invention of the Huesler Nest has been and still is Balthasar’s biggest accomplishment. It was first developed in the 1980s and after collecting over 30 years of experience in Europe and Asia, Balthasar started to redevelop his famous sleeping system for the North American market.

Natural Products Made in CanadaIn 2010 CBH extended its business to produce high-quality parquet flooring, decking and siding, as well as completing its first prototype of the bed which was later called the “Balancar”. After another 5 years of fine-tuning, the Balancar was ready to enter the Canadian and US market in 2015.

All of the products manufactured by CBH Wood Products were developed in-house and are unique. Let us take a look at these products in more detail:



Natural Products Made in CanadaCBH produces various kinds of hardwood flooring. All the wood used for the flooring comes from North America and is solid wood. Oak, ash and maple are being used and manufactured into a high quality product. CBH Wood Products was able to develop their parquet flooring by being twice as efficient as conventional manufacturing methods. Conventional parquet flooring is 3/4 inch thick on average. Therefore 2 sq-ft are needed to produce 1 sq-ft of flooring. CBH was able to Natural Products Made in Canadareduce the thickness of the flooring to only 9.5mm (that is 3/8 inch) and produce a much higher quality product in the process. Out of 2 sq-ft of raw wood around 2 sq-ft of flooring can be produced. This significantly reduces the number of trees needed to be cut down in order to produce hardwood flooring.
Furthermore, the wood used for the production of the flooring is either completely natural wood and untreated (i.e. without any chemical treatment) or for a longer lasting product, thermally modified wood is used.

Thermal modification is a heating process by which the wood is being baked in order to eliminate all the minerals from the wood to increase its durability (shrinking and swelling is reduced by 50-90%) This process also darkens the wood. So not only does this product use only 1/2 of the raw material but the product that is being manufactured will also last significantly longer, therefore reducing the need for cutting future trees without having to use chemical treatments!

Natural Products Made in Canada

If that wasn’t enough, no lacquer is being used to finish the wood which eliminates health concerns that could arise from the stinging odor, but a natural linseed oil is used for the finished surface. Instead of the conventional installation method of hardwood flooring that uses nails and leaves the floor squeaky , CBH’s product must be installed using a special glue (adhesive glue from Mapei Ultrabond 960) that is provided with their flooring products. The use of this glue in combination with this particular parquet flooring will eliminate all squeaking noise.

Natural Products Made in Canada

Are you looking to install in-floor heating? This parquet flooring is designed with you in mind and is usable in combination with low temperature in-floor heating. Or what about the nice rustic look of wooden flooring in your bathroom? The thermally modified flooring in combination with the innovative design allows the parquet flooring to be used in areas that have high exposure to water without being susceptible to warping, swelling and shrinking.

Finally, the flooring is designed to be the same height as conventional flooring tiles, in order to eliminate the transition pieces that are generally needed when going from wood to tile and vice versa.
Currently the flooring has made its home in different provinces in Canada as well as in Switzerland.


Natural Products Made in Canada

Another innovative product developed at CBH Wood Products is their siding. Only thermally modified wood is used because of the benefits that come with it:Natural Products Made in Canada

  • Thermally modified wood is much more stable than regular wood
  • It is long lasting in nature
  • There is only very little warping, swelling and shrinkage
  • It is a 100% natural product unlike pressure treated wood which undergoes chemical treatment to increase its life-span

Natural Products Made in CanadaCBH uses Canadian red pine because for once, it is local and also the Canadian red pine is known for its strength and durability. Beside the choice of wood and its natural treatment, the signature of the siding is the specially design connection system. This connection system sits completely underneath the siding, making it invisible to the eye. This gives the facade a nice clean look without any visible nails, as it is common with wooden siding. The patent for this product is currently pending. On top of that, CBH’s siding comes with a special coating/staining. Normally, natural wood siding needs to be stained every 3-5 years. CBH’s siding has a minimum warranty of 7 years before it needs to be stained again (depending on the weather this can be even longer). Currently the siding can be found across different provinces of Canada and Switzerland. Most recently Ontario’s famous Algonquin Park Visitor Centre has been enclose with this fine product.


Natural Products Made in Canada
CBH undertook to develop a unique decking system that is suitable for the harsh Canadian climate. Only thermally modified wood is being used for the decking because as it was said before, it is long lasting in nature and much more stable than conventional wood treatments as it allows for only very little warping, swelling and shrinkage. As it is the case with all other products, the decking wood is environmentally friendly because once again there are no chemical additives in the wood. Natural Products Made in CanadaIt has a 25 year lifetime without any need to protect the wood surface against the wet climate or the UVs from the sun. Two kinds of wood types are available for this decking: Oak and Ash. Similar to the siding,  the decking has a specially designed connection system that is invisible to the eye and makes for a clean deck surface (Patent is pending). Currently, the decking is being sold into various provinces of Canada, as well as variousNatural Products Made in Canada European countries including Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
More information on the decking wood can be found at

And lastly, the unique bed system produced by CBH Wood Products is the Balancar, which you can read about on all the other pages of this website.